Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About Lina

Lina is no spiritual leader, Guru, coach, trainer etc. She is just an ordinary person who is reading The Magic for two weeks and she is been doing all the exercises day by day. She is documenting her reading experience in the form of video.


According to Lina, Magic is evidently the sequel of The Secret and The Power. The Magic is about The Law of Attraction but the best part about the book is the exercises. There are 28 exercises that you do day by day where you really know how to use what you have learnt in The Secret and The Power and if you haven't read the Secret and The Power again the Book can be very useful as it encompasses all the main things you need to know about the Law of Attraction. If you are still not convinced with Lina, she courteously invites you all to join her on her YouTube Channel where you can take a look in her videos where she says thank yous and explains why she is grateful to many many things in life. Let’s sprinkle magical dust on everyone and just have fun. The Magic has brought joy and amazing things to Lina's life and she wishes the same for you.

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